How to Clean Your Curling Iron

How to Clean Your Curling Iron - SO need to do this! { } Great and easy tips!

Hi there! It’s Kimberly from A Night Owl and I’m back again this month with another easy and helpful household tip! We’ve shared great tips from how to soften butter quickly for great baking to how to keep your toilet clean.

Today we’re back in the bathroom to share just How to Clean Your Curling Iron and flat irons!

So truth be told, it’s been a while since I’ve done this – and perfect timing to share with you just how to clean your curling and flat irons since I can show you a good before and after! And the good news, you probably already have all you need in your pantry!

How to Clean Your Curling Iron - SO need to do this! { } Great and easy tips!

Just grab a clean washcloth and rubbing alcohol! Simply wet the washcloth with the rubbing alcohol and rub over a COOL curling iron or flat iron. PLEASE NOTE rubbing alcohol is flammable, so you do NOT want to do this on a hot curling iron! Wait for the iron to cool fully and you can rub down your entire curling iron, from barrel to handle. It’s amazing just how clean they can get!

How to Clean Your Curling Iron - SO need to do this! { } Great and easy tips!

And in just a few minutes. If you have a few stubborn spots, you can wet your washcloth with rubbing alcohol and wrap around the iron at the tough spot. Then after rubbing again if it is still stubborn try using your finger nail! The rubbing alcohol certainly softens the residue that is on your curling irons from hairspray and other products, sometimes you’ll need to do a little scraping to get it completely clean.

So join me and this month let’s get all of our curling irons and flat irons clean! I hope you find this tip useful!

Kimberly - Crafts Contributor


Thank you so much, Kimberly!! I really need to do this!

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  1. The way this came up in Feedly, it said the heading and then was immediately followed by the “How to Keep Your Toilet Clean” image. I totally thought you were going to say I should keep my curling iron clean by putting it in the toilet. So glad that you didn’t.

  2. What a great tip! Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for a non-messy way too clean my hot tools. I used a concoction of baking soda and something else last time. It took a while and made a mess. This worked perfectly!

  3. Using rubbing alcohol to clean Curling Iron, I think it’s the best way. But, you can use baking soda, it will make curling iron so clean too.