25 Days of Service

A great collection of service day ideas for you to complete in December. It’s a great way to spread holiday cheer and remember the true reason for the season.

25 Days of Service - a cute printable that shares service ideas for your family to complete during the holiday season. Such a fun idea!

Day of Service ideas

Oh, Christmas – I LOVE YOU!!

This time of year makes me giddy with excitement!! Yes, the scents, the decor, the music are all wonderful, but more than anything I love the FEELING of Christmas time. It’s a happy feeling… a more Christ-like feeling.

People tend to be a little nicer and do more for others. I understand it can be a crazy time of year, but I love it, and I love filling each day with fun traditions and doing nice things for others.

A trip to the local fire station to deliver some goodies.

Over the past few years, my husband and I have tried to focus the holiday on service opportunities rather than materialism. We know kids are kids and love presents and Santa, and so do we, but we also want them to think about others. For the last two years, we have actually started doing one service activity a day as a family.

In the month of November, we spend one night writing in all the acts of service we want to complete for others. Sometimes they’re for strangers and other times they are for family members. The idea is to take the focus off of ourselves and think about those around us. Some services are bigger than others, but even giving a compliment counts in our books.

Today, I had my designer, Kendra, compile a list of service activities that my family came up with for last year. We assigned a service for every day starting December 1st all the way to Christmas day.

It was such a fun thing for our family to do, and we loved that the kids would wake up each day excited to do some service for others. It totally changed their attitude about Christmas and we noticed that we had a happier and less stressful holiday season.

Here are the 25 Days of Service, made into a cute print for you to use too.


We also included a blank calendar to print out as well so you could fill it in. 😉

I am so excited to do this once again with my family and hope that your family will enjoy it as well. For more great service ideas this holiday season, check out:

For all Christmas ideas on the site go HERE. For all free prints go HERE.

25 Days of Service - a cute printable that shares service ideas for your family to complete during the holiday season. Such a fun idea!

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  1. Hi Kristyn,
    I love this idea, thanks for sharing. We just moved to a new town and this would be a good way to break the ice with our new neighbors, service providers, and community in general. I’m going to print your list and post it on our To-Do board.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  2. I love these ideas! Bookmarking for later, though it’s never too soon to start planning Christmas stuff in my book. 😉

  3. Thanks pal,
    I was super exited when I got my printable and I started right away. I just looked at this stuff on the 13th so I missed out on 13 but next year I will do 25. I really love this idea and i will keep doing it. Thanks !!