FREE Printable Letter to Santa

A FREE Letter to Santa print to download and use! Just print and have the kids fill out to let Santa know what they want this year.

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FREE Printable Letter to Santa Print - perfect for the kids to fill out and send to to Santa!

Dear Santa Letter

HO HO HO!! It’s me – Lily again!! Have you been good this year? I sure hope so because Santa’s checking his list twice checking to see if you’ve been NAUGHTY or NICE.

My mom said it would be good to write our letters to Santa so he knows what we want this year. Then, you can mail it to him immediately!!!

If you’ve been good, hopefully he can get you what you want.

Dear Santa Letter Print - perfect for the kids to fill out and send to to Santa!

Here’s my FREE Letter to Santa Print:

If it’s too small to see, I said I have been VERY GOOD, and I asked fro a camera and Lego Elves. And then I also said that I will leave Santa some popcorn. It’s not regular popular, it’s our White Chocolate M&M Popcorn.

That’s what we left him last year and Santa loved it so much, he almost stole the bowl!! He was probably gobbling it up because he left a trail all the way up to the chimney!!

I think your kids will want to fill this out. There are only a few simple things to fill out!! 😀

To download, click below


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Have a good Thanksgiving and a good Christmas!!! See you later!!

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Love, Lily

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