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Super easy Pallet Shelves Tutorial on { } Such a great idea and way to hold books or knick knacks!!

Hi there LUNA LOVERS! I’m Jourdan from Little Yellow Barn and I wanted to share some pallet love with you today! Pallets have become a huge fad, one which is easy to jump on board with. They are inexpensive, easy to come by and serve multiple purposes in the home decor / DIY department. Look for pallets on craigslist / KSL, local businesses or even on the side of the road on dumpster day. Trust me, you can always find an industrious way to use pallet wood. Especially pallets that are older and worn from sitting outside season after season. I always keep my eye out for wood boards or scraps with CHARACTER when I’m driving around town or going for a jog in older neighborhoods.

Super easy Pallet Shelves Tutorial on { } Such a great idea and way to hold books or knick knacks!!

  The hardest part of working with pallet wood is pulling the pieces apart, because pallets serve the purpose of transporting cargo from city to city, they are made really sturdy. Removing the nails without busting up the wood takes patience and muscle.


For the most part, the shelf is already assemble. Once the pallet is cut height-wise, a base can be added to the shelf and voila! I also cut my shelves width-wise to make them fit to my wall. To do this, remove one of the braces running from top to bottom.

Use a circular saw to cut the boards to the desired height as shown in the picture above. Remove any front boards that will obscure your ability to do this. Use one of these extra boards, cut to size, to nail into the bottom of your shelf. Sand any rough edges to keep away the slivers. Stain / paint the entire shelf if so desired.
To add some flair stencil in some lettering, numbers or maybe even an address using acrylic paint or spray paint.
 I purchased my stencils at Walmart for $3. They come in a variety of sizes and are good to have on hand for projects here and there. Place your stencil over the shelf and use a paintbrush, or q-tip to lightly etch in the stencil. Press the stencil down firmly and make sure you don’t have too much paint on your brush, otherwise it will seep through the cardboard stencil and the edges will not be crisp.

* Tip: Paint every other letter/number. Then go back in between each digit, to do the rest. That way you don’t have to wait for each one to dry before painting another.

Rough up the letters a bit using sand paper if you want to create a more worn look.

Optional: spray the entire shelf with a clear coat, any generic brand will do.

What are your thought on pallet shelves… love them or hate them?

Super easy Pallet Shelves Tutorial on { } Such a great idea and way to hold books or knick knacks!!

Super easy Pallet Shelves Tutorial on { } Such a great idea and way to hold books or knick knacks!!

Ashley&Jourdan - DIY


I LOVE these DIY Pallet Shelves, Jourdan & Ashley! I want to make them for all the rooms now. What a great idea!

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