Giant Thankful Poster

Giant Thankful Poster

It’s November! Who else loves Thanksgiving! What’s not to love, it’s a holiday all about FOOD and being thankful 🙂 I love asking my kids what they are more thankful for. Sometimes they answer and say Disneyland and candy. Sometimes they are so sweet and say Jesus.

I created this Giant Thankful Poster so our family could take the month of November and focus on those things we are so blessed with. I have it hung where everyone in the family can write/draw what they are thankful for!

Isn’t the GIANT poster fun?! Technically this is called a Black and White Engineer Print. And guess what the best part is?! It only cost me $7 to print from Staples and pick up in the store! It will cost more if you don’t have a Staples by you and have to have it shipped. Or you could check with your local print store and see if they print Black and White Engineering prints.

Here are the links and a few quick screen shots of what it looks like to upload and order the print.

  • Go to Staples Engineering Prints
  • Choose your size. I did 36×48 – That’s 3 x 4 FEET! And then click “Design Now”
  • Click Black and White Engineering Prints
  • A new screen will pop open where you can upload your file.
  • Make sure that you chose to have “Portrait Orientation” — SUPER IMPORTANT!
  • Once you have uploaded your print you should see the preview. If it looks good order it! ????

This is what mine looked like! (This example shows our Halloween Poster. But it is the same for the Thankful Poster)

Giant Thankful Poster

Get the Giant Thankful Poster HERE

We also wanted to include a FREE 8×10 of the subway!

(As a heads up if you blow up the 8×10 it will be super grainy and pixelated!)

Thankful Poster – 8×10

Giant Thankful Poster

Giant Thankful Poster

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  1. This is amazing! I just bought and sent to Staples! Question .. what did you use to write on the poster with?? A white colored pencil? chalk pen? Thanks so much!

  2. Hello! I love the poster! Any chance the size could be reduced to 24 x 36? I just purchased it and didn’t realize I couldn’t make it smaller and it’s too big for my wall. I apologize for asking but I have to imagine a few other people would like it smaller too. I plan to use it with my children for the month of December to remember what’s important!
    Thank you,