Hand Painted Wallpaper

Hand Painted Wallpaper!! This is a fun way to decorate exactly how you want!

Title: Hand Painted Wallpaper

Good Morning Lil Luna readers, this is Sarah from Boxwood Clippings. I’m really excited to be here today to share a project I’ve been working on in my home for the past month or so.

I’ve been craving a wallpapered accent wall ever since we moved into our new home about four years ago, but there were a couple of problems with this. Firstly, the walls are textured; and secondly, wall paper can be quite expensive. After seeing fellow bloggers hand paint walls (see HERE, and HERE) I was more than inspired to create my own.

My first job was to decide the pattern I wanted. Originally, I was going to do something very clean and graphic like Johnathan Adler’s Nixon Wallpaper, but decided against it because free-handing lines can never be perfect, and I don’t trust stencils not to bleed. So, I went with a design that was inspired by Oh Joy’s Petal Pusher, figuring florals were more forgiving than straight lines. 🙂

Hand Painted Wallpaper!! This is a fun way to decorate exactly how you want!

I’m really quite pleased with how this project turned out. It’s always fulfilling to add character to your home, and it’s especially rewarding when you are able to pull it off yourself.

I spent probably a total of 20 hours painting.

Supplies used were:

½ a tub of Martha Stewart’s Metallic Paint (only $5.48 at the Home Depot)

a paint brush

some masking tape.

Paint is by far the most affordable way to change up a room and make a massive impact, but for some reason I think most people are scared of getting the paint brush out. My advice is to just go for it; I think you’ll surprise yourselves. 🙂

– Sarah


WOW – Love it!! Looks like it came straight from a magazine! Great job, Sarah!

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  1. SUPER cool wallpaper! Ambitious!!!

    I went to Boxwood Clippings website, but can’t figure out how to ‘follow them’. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Kristyn! Just one question… where can I find your buttons? I’ve been looking around but no luck. Do I miss something?

    1. Hi Olga! Thanks for the question… I actually just got new buttons made but am waiting to post them when my new re-design goes up (hopefully this week). Stay tuned 🙂

  3. just jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Now I know what to do with the sad little blank wall in our bathroom….and that one in the kitchen, maybe that other one in the front hallway. ohgoodgolly, I’m putting this one on the project list for sure…many thanks!
    I found you through Today’s Creative Blog…cheers!

  4. Firstly congratulations on thinking of a completing such a masterpiece. Secondly where did you get the stencils to complete it? or did you use the masking tape to create these wonderful metallic roses? 🙂