Scrapbook Frame Tutorial

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Scrapbook Frame Tutorial. This is an inexpensive but great gift idea and craft idea.

I saw something similar to this last year and decided I would try to come up with my own version of it. I was happy with the results and ended up making this for my first Lil’ Luna Craft Nite. 
I LOVE two things about this craft:
1 – Each one is so unique!
2 – Once you know how to make it, it’s one of those gifts that can done for any person for any occasion – and it cost only about $8 to make!!
Here is my scrapbook frame tutorial…


-16×20 in. piece of wood(Usually needs to be bought as a bigger size but can be cut at Lowe’s or Home Depot)
-Scrapbook Paper (4 pieces) in colors/designs you like (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $2.50)
-8×10 Wood Frame
-Modge Podge
-Strong Picture hanging VELCRO


1. Paint the back, sides, and 1 inch in on the front of your board. Let dry.

2. Paint 8×10 frame and let dry. Distress if desired.

3. Cut your scrapbook paper into 4×5 inch pieces. If you have 4 pieces, then you will end up with 3 of each of the 4 pieces of scrapbook pages. (NOTE: You can do any amount of paper, but you will have 12 pieces total, so numbers that go into 12 work best – example (2 of 6 different pages, or 4 of 3 different pages) Is that confusing?

4. Distress frame and wood if desired.

5. Arrange papers on board so you know that is how you want them. Modge podge pages onto the front of the board starting in the top left corner. You will overlap each page by just a little bit. Continue all around board.

6. Add ribbon to the back with hot glue or with a staple gun for hanging.

7. Apply velcro to the back of the frame and make sure it aligns with the velcro on the board.

Now you have a unique and color-coordinated frame that makes the perfect gift for anyone for any occasion!

Scrapbook Frame Tutorial. This is an inexpensive but great gift idea and craft idea.

Scrapbook Frame Tutorial. This is an inexpensive but great gift idea and craft idea.

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  1. Hi Kristyn! It's Ashley (Jay's wife). Kristi sent me your blog and I love it! do you have a section where I can "follow" your blog? I'm really loving this idea…think I'll try it out this week!

  2. Hey Ashley! If you go to the main page on the left side you can become a follower. 🙂 You'll have to send me a pic of the finished product if you make it this week. I would love to see it!

  3. very cute!! i love them. thanks for sharing at my saturday soiree 🙂 i hope you'll come again. i loved having you 🙂

  4. This is so cute. I'm just curious, is the 16×20 just a piece of ply wood cut? How thin is it? When you put on the velcro, do you use 4 on each corner or larger pieces? Thanks so much!Janis