Halloween Costume Essentials

20 Halloween Costume Essentials - essential makeup and accessories for Halloween no matter what your costume is! See it on { lilluna.com }Hey you guys, It’s Jezz again!

Halloween is on it’s way!! My annual search for the perfect Halloween costume has begun, and this year I’m going to have to put double the effort into finding one, because it turns out I have a *significant other* and I’m definitely making him do a couples costume with me (not even sorry)! So… If you have any super clever ideas for a duo, feel free to help a girl out and leave a suggestion!

It just so happens that Amazon has lots of costume options you can browse if you’re looking for ideas! Regardless of whether you’re looking for little girls or boys, or for yourself and your man, you can find something on Amazon, and chances are it’ll be cheaper than the local costume store. I’m personally more of the DIY costume type, but regardless of what you decide to be, and whether you make it or buy it, there are always a few additional items needed to complete any costume!

Here are a few of those essential and versatile items, specifically makeup and accessories, that you’ll definitely need!! Thanks to Amazon for being a life saver as always! (Note: this post contains affiliate links).


halloween costume - 1

Super Family Makeup Kit

halloween costume - 2

Face and Body Crayons

halloween costume - 3

Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit

halloween costume - 4

Pint of Fake Vampire Blood

halloween costume - 5

Gray Zombie Makeup Cream

halloween costume - 6

Black Cream Makeup

halloween costume - 7

White Cream Makeup

halloween costume - 8

False Eyelashes

halloween costume - 9

Unicorn Snot Body Glitter Gel (Multiple Colors Available)

halloween costume - 10

Temporary Hair Color Spray (Multiple Colors Available)


halloween costume - 11

Wig Cap (2 Pack)

halloween costume - 12

Bright Red Long, Wavy Wig

(There are tons of wig options on Amazon that are super reasonably priced!! This one just happened to be my favorite. 😉 )

halloween costume - 13

Fishnet Tights

halloween costume - 14

Witch Hat

halloween costume - 15

Fake Vampire Fangs

halloween costume - 16

Cape (Multiple Colors Available!)

halloween costume - 17

Sequin Star Wand (2 Pack)

halloween costume 18

Angelic Butterfly Wings

halloween costume - 19

Cauldron Candy Bucket

(Obviously the most important accessory of all.. The one that collects the candy!)

I have to say, I’m a little intrigued by the Unicorn Snot Body Glitter… I just might have to come up with a costume that can incorporate it somehow! Like I said, if you have any suggestions for couples costumes, definitely leave them in the comments!!

I hope you all have a successful search for the perfect costume!!




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  1. Your post was so amazing and beneficial. And these Halloween Costume Essentials are great and useful for halloween parties.

  2. I always love the halloween parties and attend at any cost every year in my city. Which costumes you shared here of the halloween getup. Color choice is also interesting for the everyone.